Magento vs Shopify: Differences, Pros and Cons in 2024

bookkeeping for shopify automated

It even handles floor-level operations like task planning and information management—all the features you need for manufacturing excellence. Behind all this is a powerful planning system that helps you maximize efficiency and profitability through the whole production chain. Stocky is Shopify’s own inventory management system, specifically serving users of Shopify Point shopify bookkeeping of Sale (POS). If you’re using it to sell in person, Stocky will act as your IMS, handling all things inventory, so you can focus on the sales, not the stock keeping. As your business evolves, you’re likely to add more platforms to your tech stack. Consider if your chosen inventory management system has enough available integrations to suit your future business needs.

After giving opportunities to numerous accounting services providers, we found Whiz consulting. If you can’t afford or don’t want to hire an accountant right away, consider consulting one temporarily to look over your initial accounting set up. They can help you with every step listed here and ensure that you have the tools you need to go it alone for a while. Having a
specialist Shopify accountant for your business can be invaluable, particularly if you have automated your books. By automating them, you have access to instant, up-to-date records and reports – so use them. You’ll decide how you want your finances to be organized and your accounts will use these instructions every time a transaction comes in and goes out.

Track Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS):

From depreciation schedules and comprehensive budgets, to aged payables and basic balance sheets. Business owners and accountants love it for its wide range of accounting tools, which have been bundled in one suite to form a full-stack accounting system. The amount of details you can access, however, depends on your specific user package. While the Plus plan, for example, offers 75 reports, the Simple Start plan can only generate 27. QuickBooks Online doesn’t hold back any information about your business. It provides a solid framework for reporting, which ultimately produces a wide range of customizable reports on literally anything about your financials.

Being able to clearly see your gross profit will allow you to get better insights into profitability and business productivity. Your inventory management system should maintain your stock levels and make it easier for you to ship products to customers. Even if an efficient inventory management system is at the core of every successful retail business.

Inventory management

Discover the ultimate e-commerce tech stack that will take your online store to success! Get actionable tips and insights for managing your shop’s finances on Etsy as a seller. For sales paid via Shopify Payments, Link My Books generates one settlement summary report for each payout you received from Shopify. This means that the invoices you send to Xero or QuickBooks from Link My Books will match exactly the amount Shopify deposited into your bank account. This helps you maintain accurate records without having to manually reconcile between different systems.

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  • Plus, optimizing your inventory control for each channel will help ensure you don’t experience issues with overselling or understocking.
  • A very small ecommerce company could handle the manual data entry and a few spreadsheets.
  • As your business evolves, you’re likely to add more platforms to your tech stack.

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